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Smart Contracts

Nevermined Smart Contracts implement the main business logic of all the Nevermined use cases that allow the trustless interaction between users for building digital assets ecosystems.

Open Source

The Smart Contracts are Open Source software built in Solidity, allowing to be deployed in any EVM compatible network.

Main functionality

The Smart Contracts provide the following functionality:

  • DID Registry - Nevermined uses W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DID) to identify and register assets in the platform. The DID Registry allows the registering and resolving capabilities of assets across multiple Metadata providers.
  • Service Execution Agreements (SEAs) - The core engine of the platform. They allow us to define on-chain condition pipelines enabling the users to define complex use cases. The SEAs orchestrate the execution of the Data Access and Data Computation use cases of Nevermined.
  • Conditions - Small modules that can be plugged into the SEAs allowing to add validations logic
  • Contract Templates - Pre-defined contract templates implementing some basic use cases
  • ERC20 Token - Utility token used within the platform allowing to build all the payment mechanisms used across the system.
  • Configuration interface - Allowing to configure dynamically some of the internal parameters of Nevermined (for example via a DAO)
  • Dispenser - Contract that allows to dispense token under request
  • Libraries - Utility libraries used across the contracts

All the previous contracts are Open Source software and provide the core of the Nevermined network.