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The core of the platform is documented in detail in Specification documents (aka SPECs). Here you can find a list of the most relevant SPECs:

Short NameTitleVersionStatusEditor
DIDDecentralized Identifiers0.3Valid@aaitor
NFTNFTs Engine0.2Valid@aaitor
ACCESSDecentralized Access Control0.1Valid@aaitor
COMPUTEDecentralized Data in situ Computation0.1Valid@aaitor
FLFederated Learning integration0.1Valid@r-marques
PROVDecentralized Data Provenance0.2Valid@aaitor
KEYTRANSFERData Transfer Proofs0.1Valid@mrsmkl
MKTAPIMarketplace API0.2Draft@aaitor
IDMIdentity management with on-chain access control0.1Valid@aaitor