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What is Nevermined?

Nevermined builds open Data & AI tools powered by Web3 tech.

In a world where AI is well, taking over the world, Nevermined brings Web3 utility to the Data and AI industry.

The 3 pillars upon which Nevermined is built are:

  • Data Availability
  • Open AI & Compute Services
  • Data & AI Incentives

Nevermined makes walled data easy to share, easy to compute & easy to reward.

If you’re a Data Owner, Nevermined can help you tokenize your data and embed them with access conditions, so you can safely offer them to AIs to be trained, possibly in return for a reward.

If you’re an AI engineer, you can safely access data assets that are registered and Nevermined-compatible. You can even orchestrate a privacy-preserving Compute environment, so you can bring your AI to the data, which doesn’t have to be moved or copied.

Plus, you can also tokenize your AI, so people can subscribe to it, remix it or create incentive mechanisms for Data Owners.

Full circle.

In short, Nevermined is a platform to create secure AI + Data ecosystems that deliver mutual benefit. By using tokenization, federated learning and incentive design, we can create trustless environments for Data and AI to interact.