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Nevermined Documentation

Nevermined is a data ecosystem solution that provides the capabilities of building bespoke networks where different entities can share and monetize their data and make an efficient and secure usage of it even with untrusted parties.

With the explosion of the data and AI market, entities have the necessity of organizing, understanding, using and sharing their data internally and externally. Nevermined provides Data Sharing & Data in situ Computation solutions allowing to unlock data for AI.

Nevermined enables a “Data in situ Computation” solution, meaning the data never moves, is the algorithm the one moving where the data is. It allows data owners or providers to define the conditions in which they allow others to make use of their data without giving direct access to it.

Nevermined is designed to be integrated in Big Data environments. It enables monetizing the data without migration. It’s also designed for GDPR compliance, it never stores any personal information on-chain (encrypted or in plain text).

Nevermined is the product powered by Keyko.

Data Ecosystem Principles

During the design and construction of Nevermined, we identified 6 key factors for the adoption and usage of a data ecosystem and its continued growth:

  • Culture - Culture & Organization help to establish how each ecosystem actor interact with others. We promote it giving a user centric approach
  • User Experience (UX) - The ecosystems should provide an excellent User eXperience, facilitating the participation of all the partners and users
  • Trust - Data ecosystems must promote trustful environments where untrusted parties can collaborate
  • Integrity - Data integrity and provenance as first class citizens where the ecosystem users can validate that data doesn't change and from where is coming
  • Compliance - Data first approach compliance with all the data regulatory requirements
  • Incentives - We promote the usage and retention of data ecosystems via gamification and providing additional value

Use Cases

Nevermined is a platform agnostic solution enabling data use cases where different parties don't trust each other. It allows to provide data ecosystems where DATA OWNERS need to share and monetize their data with third-party people, but they want to keep the privacy and the control of their data.

Typical use cases for sector are:

  • Banking - Data Sharing with the regulator or internal across different jurisdictions
  • Telco - Anonymized Data Sharing with the regulator and partners. AI within moving the data
  • Health & Pharma - AI over medical results of different hospitals without revealing PI
  • Supply Chain - Provenance, integrity and tracking of goods
  • Automotive - Data Sharing for AI to promote the autonomous cars
  • Others - Real estate, digital assets tokenization, ..