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Nevermined Proxy

The Nevermiend Proxy allows the access to private HTTP web services for users holding a valid Nevermined access token. This access token is generated by Nevermined platform when users demonstrate they are NFT holders. The proxy is a web2 component that protect access to web2 web services using subscription NFTs as access control mechanism.

More details in this blog post:

The proxy implementation combines with Nevermined providing the final piece to answer the following questions:

  • How can we gate-keep internal and/or external web services?
  • How can we provide access to these services using NFT susbcriptions?
  • What are the flows that need to be supported?
  • What is the architecture of the solution?

The Nevermined Proxy is Open Source software and the code can be found in the Nevermined Proxy Github repository.

In the following sections you will find more information about how to install and use the ncli: