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Advanced Configuration

The CLI is fully customizable via environment variables. By default the ncli has pre-configured different environments (testnet and production) where you can connect directly.


If you want to see the existing pre-configured environments you just need to run: ncli network list

But if you need to connect to a different environment, or modify some configuration being used, please feel free to export any of the following environment variables in your shell to modify how the ncli works.

CLI global parameters

The ncli allows to pass different parameters depending on the command you want to run. But there are some that available across the whole application:

  • --help - If given the CLI will parse information about how to use the ncli or a specific command
  • --version - If given the CLI will print the application version and will finish
  • --verbose or -v - It allows to run the ncli in debug mode printing more information about what is going on
  • --network or -n - It allows to specify to what network you want to connect (geth-localnet, mumbai, defiMumbai, etc). If you want to see the full list of pre-configured environments please run ncli network list
  • --acount or -a - If given, the ncli will try to use that specific address of the possible derived accounts from your SEED_WORDS. If not given the ncli will try to load the first account derived (derivation path 0).
  • --json - If this flag is provided the ncli will print all the output in JSON format. This facilitates integrating the ncli with another application.

Account Environment variables

The following list of variables are related to the account you use to connect to Nevermined


By default, the ncli always try to use a SEED_WORDS first and if this is not given will try to use a key file.

  • SEED_WORDS - Your seed phrase representing your account. With this seed phrase can be derived your different wallets.
  • KEYFILE_PATH - If the SEED_WORDS are not provided, the ncli will try to use a local key file to load your account. This variable should include the path to that key file.
  • KEYFILE_PASSWORD - If you are using a key file, this variable will be used to get the password of that key file

Remember to keep safe all your private information related to your account like seed phrases, private keys, key files and password. NEVER share this files with people you don't know and trust.

Connecting to different environments

Nevermined is a framework for building digital ecosystems that can be deployed or configured in different ways. Because of that Nevermined is used to deliver multiple use cases installed in different networks. There are list of pre-defined networks/environments provided by the ncli. You can get the list of them running:

ncli network list

This will return a list of all the existing environments grouped by name. If you want to connect to any of them, we just need to configure your WEB3_PROVIDER_URL environmnet variable (using the "Node Uri" printed our using your own Infura or similar provider):


Now you can use the parameter --network in the ncli commands or export the NETWORK environment variable to allow to connect and use any of these environments:

ncli --network defiMumbai network status

Network Environment variables

The following list of variables are related to the configuration of the Nevermined environment and how you interact with them:

  • NETWORK - Allows to uses one of the existing pre-configured Nevermined networks. Example: geth-localnet, mumbai, matic, goerli. You can see the full list of networks supported running ncli network list
  • WEB3_PROVIDER_URL - JSON-RPC server. It could be an Infura or Alchemy url too. Example: http://localhost:8545
  • TOKEN_ADDRESS - The ERC20 token address to use for the transactions. If not given or if is 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 the payments will be made in the network native token (ETH, Matic, ..)
  • NVM_NODE_URL - The url of the Nevermined Node to use. If not given the default url is: http://localhost:8030
  • MARKETPLACE_API_URL - The url of the marketplace api to use. If not given the default url is: http://localhost:3100
  • FAUCET_URL - The url of the faucet to use. If not given the default url is: http://localhost:3001
  • IPFS_GATEWAY - The url of the IPFS gateway used to upload/download contents. By default is
  • NODE_ADDRESS - The public address of the Nevermined Node. If not given the default address is: 0x068ed00cf0441e4829d9784fcbe7b9e26d4bd8d0
  • GAS_MULTIPLIER - For networks with some congestion, this parameter can help to increase the gas spent and speed up the transactions. If not given the default is 0

Finding a decent WEB3_PROVIDER_URL is some times difficult. We recommend to open an Infura or Alchemy account to have a better experience.