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Getting tokens from faucets in testnet environments

Native tokens

To interact with a blockchain network you need to have balance in the tokens related with the transaction you need to do. For example if you want write anything on-chain as a result of calling a Smart Contract, you need to pay for that in the specific network native token (ETH, MATIC, etc). In a testnet, it's possible to get some of them using a public faucet. For example or You just need to specify the address of your account and wait to get the funds.


If you just created your account with the CLI, remember the command told us our account address: Wallet address: 0x37434d6673ff106446c9224884D54201e5Ae46A4


If you want to interact with a Nevermined network where the assets published have a price in a ERC20 token (like USDC), you need to have balance in that token to purchase these assets. In a testnet you can get some of them in a Faucet too. For example this is the USDC Faucet in mumbai:

And then you just need to wait a couple of minutes and see if you got balance:

ncli -n testnet accounts balance

CustomToken with address 0xe11A86849d99F524cAC3E7A0Ec1241828e332C62
===== Account 0x37434d6673ff106446c9224884D54201e5Ae46A4 =====
MATIC Balance: 1.25
Token Balance: 180000000000000000000 USDC
Etherscan Url:
NFT Balance: 0