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What can you build on Nevermined

Nevermined is use-case agnostic and can be applied to any project or ecosystem looking to bring Web3 utility to Data and/or AI.

Nevermined can be useful for any project that can benefit from any of these:

  • DATA AVAILABILITY TOOLS NVM allows organizations to register, tokenize and transform data so that it can be used in analytics by algorithms and AIs.

  • OPEN AI & COMPUTE SERVICES NVM facilitates the use of our native AI services, as well as “Bring your own model” to be trained on NVM’s ecosystem of data, or to be tokenized.

  • ARTIFACT MANAGEMENT & INCENTIVES NVM has designed a scalable way to monetize walled / siloed data by tracking data provenance while attributing sources and collecting royalties

To give you an idea of the broad applicability, projects that have used Nevermined include:

  • DeFi Data Marketplace Giving analysts access to structured data sets from unstructured DeFi platforms

  • HairDAO Giving DeSci access to private medical data

  • VitaDAO Tokenizing Intellectual Property rights of scientific research aka IP NFT

  • Arcadia AI animation maker with on-chain attribution