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Network Fees

Nevermined provides the infrastructure to content creators and users to negotiate around their digital assets in a secure a trustless manner. All the software required to make that happen is available under an Open Source License.

To continue to provide this service, the Nevermined Smart Contracts charge a 1 % fee on all monetary transactions. This fee is included in the distribution of rewards, when an NFT is sold.


There is no minimum fee, so if the asset is traded for free, it's not necessary to factor in payment.

How to setup the network fees?

To execute a transaction using the Nevermined Smart Contracts it is necessary to include a comission in the reward payment. This comission goes to the Nevermined Fee Receiver.

This typically can be done when a content creator defines how payments are distributed during asset registration.

// The fee receiver in each network can be fetched from the Nevermined Config Smart Contract
const feeReceiver = await nevermined.keeper.nvmConfig.getFeeReceiver()

// The Network fees amount can be fetched on-chain too
const networkFee = await nevermined.keeper.nvmConfig.getNetworkFee()

const assetPrice = new AssetPrice(
new Map([
[creatorAddress, feeReceiver],
[198, 2], // 99% of the payment goes to the `creatorAddress` and 1% to `feeReceiver`

// Also network fees can be added with the `addNetworkFees` method
const assetPriceWithFees = new AssetPrice(
).addNetworkFees(nvmFeeReceiverProd, BigNumber.from(networkFee))

// We register a NFT-721 Asset using the payment distribution defined in the `assetRewards` variable
const nftAttributes = NFTAttributes.getNFT721Instance({
price: assetPrice,
serviceTypes: ['nft-sales', 'nft-access'],
nftContractAddress: nftContract.address,
ddo = await nevermined.nfts721.create(nftAttributes, creatorAddress)