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Getting started

This library was generated with Nx.

Getting started

The providers component exposes a package facilitating the interaction with Web3 providers like Metamask. You can see more about in the documentation

Providers supported

  • Metamask
  • WalletConnect
  • Coinbase Wallet


The Nevermined providers is a package built with React and Typescript. It requires Node JS v14 or higher. You can find online instructions about How to install Node JS.

How to install ?

yarn add @nevermined-io/providers
npm install --save @nevermined-io/providers

How to integrate ?

import { WalletProvider, getClient, useWallet } from "@nevermined-io/providers";
import App from "app";

theme: 'auto',
mode: 'dark',
<App />
document.getElementById("root") as HTMLElement

How to use ?

const ConnectToMetaMask = () => {
const { login, walletAddress, getConnectors } = useWallet();

return (
<div> {walletAddress}</div>
{!walletAddress && (
<button onClick={() => login(getConnectors()[0])}>Connect To MM</button>

You can find here a example

Running unit tests

Run nx test:unit provider