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Getting Started


yarn add @nevermined-io/nevermined-sdk-js

Connecting to Nevermined

To connect to nevermined first we need to download the artifacts that contain the abis of the nevermined contracts from the artifacts repo.


Add here a link to some documentation about artifacts repo

This will download the artifacts for the latest contracts in mumbai and store them in a folder called ./artifacts:

 wget -c -O -| tar -xz --one-top-level=./artifacts

Next we need to chose the nevermined environment we want to connect to.


Link to environment docs

import { Config } from '@nevermined-io/nevermined-sdk-js'

const config: Config = {
nodeUri: '',
marketplaceUri: '',
gatewayUri: '',
marketplaceAuthToken: '',
artifactsFolder: './artifacts',

nodeUri is an rpc endpoint to connect to the blockchain. You can find public links at chainlist

artifactsFolder is the location of the artifacts that we downloaded in the previous section.

The other environment config parameteres will be discussed in further sections


Link to the config documentation

With this in place we have everything we need to connect to nevermined:

import { Nevermined } from '@nevermined-io/nevermined-sdk-js'

const nevermined = await Nevermined.getInstance(config)

console.log(await nevermined.versions.get())
// {
// sdk: {
// name: 'Sdk-js',
// version: '0.23.2',
// commit: '9d31ebc27fe6c7c8a573abd283c632e5c70e687c',
// status: 'Working',
// network: 'mumbai',
// keeperVersion: '2.0.5',