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Production environments

Network Fee

The usage of a Nevermined environment requires to pay a fee when a payment is being done through the Smart Contracts. This needs to be configured by the content publisher. You can find more information in the Network Fees section.


The network fee in Nevermined production environments is 1% and the receiver of that fee is the 0x35aFA2408BB4f479996fafb2bB3A183ec064C265 address.

Public Polygon environment

  • public-v2-mumbai: Public environment in Polygon. Use this if you want to integrate with Nevermined in Polygon for production.

Version 2.1.0

EnvironmentNetworkContracts VersionTagComponentURLComments
public-nvm-v2-maticPolygon Matic2.1.0publicNode
public-nvm-v2-maticPolygon Matic2.1.0publicMarketplace API

All the contract events are exposed via The Graph. You can find all the Polygon Matic Nevermined Subgraphs here (search by Nevermined):

For example for Nevermined Polygon Matic:

Version 2.0.5

EnvironmentNetworkContracts VersionTagComponentURLComments
public-v2-mumbaiMumbai2.0.5publicMarketplace API
public-v2-mumbaiMumbai2.0.5publicGraphNode with sdk >= 0.21.0