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The following package describes how to package the Keeper Contracts in different formats. It is helpful to distribute the compiled smart contracts ABI's in different "flavours". It allows to import those ABI's from different languages enabling an easier interaction with the Keeper.

Javascript (NPM)

NPM packages are published as part of the Nevermined NPM organization. Github Actions is configured to release a new version of the @nevermined-io/contracts NPM library after tagging.

Versions of the library must be modified in the package.json file.

"name": "@nevermined-io/contracts",
"version": "1.0.0",



Typically you can't overwrite NPM already published versions of the libraries. This package uses Semantic Versioning, so if you are testing with new versions, it's recommended to play with the patch numbers.

If you need to build a local version of the package you need to run the following commands:

yarn build

If you need to release a new version of the library before tagging, you need to execute the following command:

npm publish --access public

To do that you need to be an authorized user in the NPM Nevermined organization.


Python packages are generated automatically in Pypi format:


Java packages are generated automatically for JVM applications and published into Maven central: