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Implementation of NFT Access Template

 The NFT Access template is use case specific template.
 Anyone (consumer/provider/publisher) can use this template in order
 to setup an agreement allowing NFT holders to get access to Nevermined services. 
 The template is a composite of 2 basic conditions: 
 - NFT Holding Condition
 - Access Condition

 Once the agreement is created, the consumer can demonstrate is holding a NFT
 for a specific DID. If that's the case the Access condition can be fulfilled
 by the asset owner or provider and all the agreement is fulfilled.
 This can be used in scenarios where a data or services owner, can allow 
 users to get access to exclusive services only when they demonstrate the 
 are holding a specific number of NFTs of a DID.
 This is very useful in use cases like arts.



  function initialize(
    address _owner,
    address _agreementStoreManagerAddress,
    address _nftHolderConditionAddress,
    address _accessConditionAddress
  ) external
initialize init the contract with the following parameters.

this function is called only once during the contract initialization. It initializes the ownable feature, and set push the required condition types including access secret store, lock reward and escrow reward conditions.


Name Type Description
_owner address contract's owner account address
_agreementStoreManagerAddress address agreement store manager contract address
_nftHolderConditionAddress address lock reward condition contract address
_accessConditionAddress address access condition contract address