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Implementation of a Compute Execution Agreement Template

 EscrowComputeExecutionTemplate is use case specific template.
 Anyone (consumer/provider/publisher) can use this template in order
 to setup an on-chain SEA. The template is a composite of three basic
 conditions. Once the agreement is created, the consumer will lock an amount
 of tokens (as listed in the DID document - off-chain metadata) to the 
 the lock reward contract which in turn will fire an event. ON the other hand 
 the provider is listening to all the emitted events, the provider 
 will catch the event and grant permissions to trigger a computation granting
 the execution via the ComputeExecutionCondition contract. 
 The consumer now is able to trigger that computation
 by asking the off-chain gateway to start the execution of a compute workflow.
 Finally, the provider can call the escrow reward condition in order 
 to release the payment. Every condition has a time window (time lock and 
 time out). This implies that if the provider didn't grant the execution to 
 the consumer within this time window, the consumer 
 can ask for refund.



  function initialize(
    address _owner,
    address _agreementStoreManagerAddress,
    address _didRegistryAddress,
    address _computeExecutionConditionAddress,
    address _lockPaymentConditionAddress,
    address payable _escrowPaymentAddress
  ) external
initialize init the contract with the following parameters.

this function is called only once during the contract initialization. It initializes the ownable feature, and set push the required condition types including service executor condition, lock reward and escrow reward conditions.


Name Type Description
_owner address contract's owner account address
_agreementStoreManagerAddress address agreement store manager contract address
_didRegistryAddress address DID registry contract address
_computeExecutionConditionAddress address service executor condition contract address
_lockPaymentConditionAddress address lock reward condition contract address
_escrowPaymentAddress address payable escrow reward contract address