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Implementation of Agreement Template This is a dynamic template that allows to setup flexible conditions depending on the use case.



  function initialize(
    address _owner,
    address _agreementStoreManagerAddress,
    address _didRegistryAddress
  ) external
initialize init the contract with the following parameters.

this function is called only once during the contract initialization. It initializes the ownable feature, and set push the required condition types including access secret store, lock reward and escrow reward conditions.


Name Type Description
_owner address contract's owner account address
_agreementStoreManagerAddress address agreement store manager contract address
_didRegistryAddress address DID registry contract address


  function addTemplateCondition(
    address _conditionAddress
  ) external returns (uint256 length)
addTemplateCondition adds a new condition to the template


Name Type Description
_conditionAddress address condition contract address

Return Values:

Name Type Description
length address conditionTypes array size
### removeLastTemplateCondition
  function removeLastTemplateCondition(
  ) external returns (address[])
removeLastTemplateCondition removes last condition added to the template

Return Values:

Name Type Description
conditionTypes existing in the array