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Implementation of the Agreement Store Library. For more information:
TODO: update the OEP link The agreement store library holds the business logic in which manages the life cycle of SEA agreement, each agreement is linked to the DID of an asset, template, and condition IDs.



  function create(
    struct AgreementStoreLibrary.AgreementList _self,
    bytes32 _id,
    bytes32 _did,
    address _templateId,
    bytes32[] _conditionIds
  ) internal returns (uint256 size)

create new agreement checks whether the agreement Id exists, creates new agreement instance, including the template, conditions and DID.


Name Type Description
_self struct AgreementStoreLibrary.AgreementList is AgreementList storage pointer
_id bytes32 agreement identifier
_did bytes32 asset decentralized identifier
_templateId address template identifier
_conditionIds bytes32[] array of condition identifiers

Return Values:

Name Type Description
size struct AgreementStoreLibrary.AgreementList which is the index of the created agreement