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Nevermined API Reference

shortname: nevermined-api-spec
version: 1.0
status: Draft
date: December 2020

The goal of this doc is to help a developer build a version of the Nevermined API in any programming language. Currently, the Nevermined API is defined for Object-Oriented languages such as JavaScript, Java, and Python (which are the three initial implementation languages).


The SDKs are organized using the following modules:

  • Assets - Managing of data assets on Nevermined networks
  • Accounts - Managing accounts
  • Agreements - Interacting with Service Exection Agreements
  • Conditions - Interacting with agreement conditions
  • Provenance - Tracking & retrieving data provenance
  • Tokens - Request and transfer Nevermined tokens
  • Providers - Manage of asset providers
  • Secret Store - Encryption and Decryption secrets