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Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The SDKs, independently of their programming language, allow the interaction with the multiple Nevermined components. The SDKs integrate:

  • The Nevermined Smart Contracts, where is kept all the assets registry, token, service execution agreements, etc.
  • The Metadata API, where is kept the metadata associated to assets (title, description, tags, etc).
  • The Gateway, that is the component that make data and computation available via the integration with data repositories and compute apis
  • The Faucet, an optional component that allow users to request Ether for paying on-chain transactions
  • The Secret Store, an optional component existing in some Nevermined deploments, it allows multi-party encryption and decryption of secrets

Language Implementations

There are different language implementations of the SDKs:

  • Nevermined SDK JS - JavaScript version of the Nevermined SDK to be integrated with front-end applications.
  • Nevermined SDK PY - Python version of the Nevermined SDK to be integrated with back-end applications. The primary users are data scientists.
  • Nevermined SDK JAVA - Java version of the Nevermined SDK to be integrated with JVM applications. The primary users are data engineers.

SDK Documentation

API Reference

All the SDKs implement the same Nevermined reference API. This can be found in the Nevermined Reference API Document.


The SDK implement different the following modules:

Module Topic
Assets Managing of data assets on Nevermined networks
Accounts Managing accounts
Agreements Interacting with Service Execution Agreements (aka SEAs)
Conditions Interacting with agreement conditions
Provenance Tracking & retrieving data provenance
Tokens Request and transfer Nevermined tokens
Providers Manage of asset providers
Secret Store Encryption and Decryption secrets