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Nevermined Specifications

The core of the platform is documented in detail in Specification documents (aka SPECs). Here you can find a list of the most relevant SPECs:

Short Name Title Version Status Editor
DID Decentralized Identifiers 0.1 Valid @aaitor
META Metadata 0.1 Valid @aaitor
ACCESS Decentralized Access Control 0.1 Valid @aaitor
COMPUTE Decentralized Data in situ Computation 0.1 Valid @aaitor
FL Federated Learning integration 0.1 Draft @r-marques
PROV Decentralized Data Provenance 0.2 Valid @aaitor
IDM Identity management with on-chain access control 0.1 Valid @aaitor
NFT NFTs Engine 0.1 Draft @aaitor


Some of the Specs are an evolution of Ocean Protocol Enhancement Proposals - OEPs.