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Software Licenses

Nevermined is a solution that includes Open & Private source components. The core of the functionality is Open Source Software using the very open Apache v2.

In addition to that, we provide some additional management tools that can help to operate and monitor a Nevermined based Digital Ecosystem deployment.

Nevermined is offered for free from a Source Code point of view. In addition we provide a subscription model where people can get access to additional documentation, support, binaries, docker images, advanced tools, etc.

The artifacts provided in the subscription model package all the components and allow an easy deployment, orchestration, operation and monitoring of a complete data ecosystem platform providing enterprise level quality.

Why a subcription model?

Nevermined is adapted to enterprise requirements to facilitate the development, integration & deployment of complex data solutions. It automatically orchestrates, operates & monitors complete enterprise data ecosystems.

Nevermined components are offered with a dual Open Source/Private License. The source code is provided under an Open Source Apache v2 License providing the foundations of your Data Ecosystem:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Metadata API
  • Data Gateway
  • SDK's and Libraries
  • Documentation & Specifications

Additionally, Keyko offers an Enterprise & Digital Ecosystem subscription-based License for users with extended capabilities on top of the Open Source components:

  • Integrated Access Control
  • Operational & Development tools
  • Containerization of the whole platform
  • Service Execution Agreements
  • Ecosystem Monitoring
  • Extended Knowledge base

If you want to know more, please send us a message to