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Introducing a Standard Model for the Web3 Process Lifecycle

Blockchain technology gives users the freedom to transact in ways that have previously not been possible. Rather than rigid transaction rules defined and enforced by centralized institutions, Web3 enables truly programmable transactions with possibilities bounded only by developer imagination and creativity.

At Nevermined, we approach the Web3 transaction lifecycle with several critical building engines that allow enterprises and developers to create, integrate, manage and maintain:

  • Digital marketplaces with a full framework for payment processing, digital asset registration, listing and minting, secondary market trading, royalties distribution, and NFTs-as-collateral functionality.
  • Tokenization engine for a broad array of NFTs that facilitates the launch, distribution and integration of non-transferrable NFTs, proof of attendance NFTs, subscription NFTs, Login NFTs for decentralized access control and semi-fungible NFTs.
  • Decentralized Access Control mechanisms for easy deployment and maintenance of gateways, smart contracts, bridges and data storage pools across a wide range of blockchains
  • Data Sharing framework for instantly connecting to any API endpoint of blockchains and protocols to supercharge enterprise wallet, CEX, DEX and other Dapps

Together, these components form the Nevermined-as-a-Service offering that allows us to become a critical infrastructure provider for the Web3 stack and blockchain integrations. We make data transferable and easily accessible while retaining security at the infrastructure layer to decrease dependence on centralized points of access, institutions and gateways.

Nevermined’s model transitions enterprises and developers to more distributed and resilient systems reliant on blockchains and smart contracts where they can build and integrate Dapps, NFTs and smart contracts without unexpected downtimes, single points of failure, or threat of censorship.

Providing these services separately or as a whole turns Nevermined into a central infrastructure player in the Web3 space, facilitating growth and making all operations between different segments (decentralized gaming, DeFi, the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, etc.) possible and seamless.

The infrastructure of Nevermined includes various public endpoints that developers and enterprises can use to access on-chain data, independent blockchains, program smart contracts and serve requests to mint and distribute NFTs in one globally distributed and decentralized environment.