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What is Nevermined?

Nevermined is a platform that provides reliable Web3 infrastructure that contains the building blocks, tools, and APIs for developers, projects, and protocols to connect to the data-sharing infrastructure and build Web3 applications. The importance of Web3 ecosystems, digital assets, and consensus mechanisms cannot be overstated. Everything that is a part of Web 3 relies on data sharing, multi-chain interactions, tokenization, and monetization of digital assets. Therefore, the growth and demand for reliable, secure, and efficient digital ecosystem infrastructure should continue to increase alongside Web3 development as a whole. To this effect, Nevermined has a clear goal: to provide the ecosystem infrastructure necessary to make Web 3 development easy and accessible. Nevermined provides the tools and SDKs that developers and enterprises need to build cross-chain projects on Web 3 and extract the maximum value from their NFTs. We’re accomplishing this in a way that is in line with the principles of Web 3 by working towards scaling infrastructure and promoting data sharing in a global, decentralized environment.