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Assets tokenization via NFTs

Nevermined combines all the tools developers need to build freely and connect seamlessly with an integrated NFT Engine. The platform offers solutions with a solid foundation in terms of tokenization of both expendable and non-expendable assets; as well as design and minting of NFT assets generating high-value propositions for enterprises and developers.

The aim is to give institutions and individuals a way to ensure total ownership of their assets while retaining full control over sharing, distribution, and sale on Nevermined’s marketplace and the secondary market.

Thanks to our tokenization process, a company or individual can convert their assets into ERC-721 or ERC-1155 digital tokens that can be tracked for life. It avoids any type of counterfeiting and allows the owner to collect royalties for each resale of the token, in the case of intellectual property, preserve the brand and expose it in metaverses, access new investment mechanisms, and obtain financing through the sale and rental of tokenized assets. Nevermined is a platform where digital and physical assets can be represented and traded between users openly, but keeping security, integrity, provenance and content creators attribution. The cross-chain NFT marketplace and customized smart contracts allow users to connect with blockchains, mint, trade and store NFTs in a secure setting.

The NFTs engine lets content creators register digital assets in the Nevermined ecosystem as well as create fractionalized NFTs representing the digital ownership of the content. In addition to this the NFTs engine allows content creators to:

  • Set the conditions for the distribution of these NFTs in the marketplace and the secondary market (price, token to make the payment, etc).
  • Define the functionalities, characteristics, adjustments and terms of the NFTs they release
  • Determine exclusive contents that can be accessed by NFT holders
  • Specify adjustable commissions and automatic deposit for royalties on the sale of collections in the secondary market
  • Ensure that interoperability, easy-to-use APIs, cross-chain conformity, and multi-platform support allow them to use NFT services in a secure setting.
  • List NFT tokens categorically to provide exposure to the business so clients can find and buy their desired ones with ease
  • Showcase NFTs and trade their assets, raise funds and get the best possessions at the best rates whilst simultaneously allowing for liquidity and trust in transactions.
  • Develop NFT tokens with customized smart contracts and verifiable ownership to be used in real estate, art, music, gaming, and many more fields.
  • Develop and market NFTs and help gain recognition by being a part of the NFT world.
  • Create NFTs on multiple blockchains and obtain seamless interoperability with speedy transactions, low transaction costs and customized smart contracts.
  • Bring decentralization, transparency, immutability, uniqueness, and authenticity to NFTs making them secure for enterprise use and ensuring that no breach of trust occurs.
  • Enjoy high security and scalability enabling businesses to launch themselves in the NFT and invest and raise funds effortlessly.

New scenarios around digital assets

The Nevermined NFTs or tokenization engine is built around the Nevermined Service Execution Agreements. This is a core part of Nevermined that allows us to articulate scenarios via Smart Contracts where different parties can interact with each other via the completion and validation of conditions.

For example, a typical Nevermined contract can be translated to:

Selling NFTs

As an asset owner I let you purchase 1 NFT representing this asset if you pay me 10 ETH.

In the above example, Nevermined enforces that if the buyer pays 10 ETH for a NFT representing a specific asset, the buyer will receive this NFT and the seller or asset owner will receive the payment.

This is a very simple scenario but the NFTs engine allows more complex scenarios where the content creators can offer access to exclusive contents to their community of users. This allows things like this:

Exclusive Access

If you own one of my NFTs I will give you exclusive access to this artwork

This scenario makes the NFT more attractive because beyond the representation of owernership of a digital asset, converts this NFT in an access token that allows the user to access something is unique and exclusive. This facilitates a richer and more direct communication between content creators and their users.

When a user purchases a NFT, at some point could need to re-sell this NFT to someone else in a secondary market. Nevermined allows also this kind of trading between users:

Secondary Market Sales

I am not the creator but I own one NFT of this digital asset. I want to sell it for 20 ETH.

The re-selling of this NFT transfer also the capabilities to access to any exclusive content attached to the NFT from the seller to the buyer. This means that as soon as the transaction is confirmed, the seller won't hold the NFT and by extension won't have access to the exclusive content. This will be granted to the buyer as new NFT holder.

Nevermined NFTs engine enforces the payment of royalties to original creators. When a digital asset is register by the content creator into Nevermined, it is necessary to define what are the royalties attached to the digital asset:


As a creator of this asset, I want to receive 10% royalties over any future sale of the NFTs in the secondary market.

Obviously, the lower that royalties are the more attractive that is the NFT for the potential buyers.

The amount of royalties and the original creator of the asset are recorded in the Nevermined Smart Contracts and can not be changed afterwards. This protection avoids that a content creator increases the royalties to receive for assets that were already sold, reducing the intrinsic value afterwards.

In addition to this, Nevermined allows to content creator to setup the scarcity of the NFTs associated to a digital asset.

NFT Scarcity

As a content creator I'm gonna register an asset with a limited serie of 5 NFTs


NFTs with Unlimitted Editions

As a content creator I'm gonna register an asset without limit in the number of NFTs that can be attached to it (uncapped).

The more scarce that is the asset the more valuable this asset is. To avoid adulterate assets value afterwards, these parameters can not be modified once are defined.