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Network Fees

Nevermined provides the infrastructure to content creators and users to negotiate around their digital assets in a secure a trustless manner. All the software required to make that happen is offered under an Open Source License.

To continue to provide this service, the Nevermined Smart Contracts charge a 1 % fee for the monetary transactions happening through them. This means when a user sell for example a NFT, in the distribution of rewards, this fee needs be included.


There is no a minimum fee required, so if the asset is being traded for free, it's not necessary to include any payment.

How to setup the network fees?

To execute a transaction using the Nevermined Smart Contracts it is necessary to include in the rewarsd payment a comission that is given to the Nevermined Fee Receiver.

This typically can be done when a content creator defines how to payments are distributed during the asset registration.

// Nevermined Fee receiver address in testnet environments
const nvmFeeReceiverTest = '0x309039F6A4e876bE0a3FCA8c1e32292358D7f07c'

// Nevermined Fee receiver address in production environments
const nvmFeeReceiverProd = '0x35aFA2408BB4f479996fafb2bB3A183ec064C265'

const assetRewards = new AssetRewards(
new Map([
[creatorAddress, nvmFeeReceiverProd],
[198, 2] // 99% of the payment goes to the `creatorAddress` and 1% to `nvmFeeReceiverProd`

// We register a NFT-721 Asset using the payment distribution defined in the `assetRewards` variable
const assetDDO = await nevermined.assets.createNft721(